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Jadwa Company

A corporation working in the field of economic consultancy and business solutions, established in April 2012 in Gaza City - Palestine. Jadwa aims to improve the efficiency of economic units; by providing a hybrid workspace that combines the human being and cloud technologies, through programmed interventions according to accurate analysis related to the internal environment, in addition to the critical factors affecting the unstable environment.

We can save you effort and time by training you on how
Your path to business agility.

Company Profile

Jadwa Goals

Jadwa seeks to achieve integration between the components of economic work and the social value through a unique pioneering model that stems from the sustainable development goals SDG’s 2030.

Quality not Quantity.

Make a company “competitive''.

Reduce cost and increase profit

Improve service productivity.

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Our Experts

More than 60 experts in many fields

Chief Executive Officer

He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a second degree in accounting and finance from the Islamic University of Gaza, in addition to being an ACPA Arab chartered accountant. He has more than 20 years of experience working between government institutions, private institutions and private companies.

Phone:   0567847770
Email:   omaralashqar@gmail.com
Marketing Expert

He held a bachelor's degree in psychology from AlAqsa University, he attended many courses, including Photoshop, international designer, communication, leadership skills and time management. Has distinguished experience in branding and costumers' behavior

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Email:   ‫mohammedshafout@gmail.com‬